Implication of Child Care

Childcare needs various positive social relationship for which an environment is to be appropriate. The adult and child ratios should be kept low. Regular and informed parents ensure highest possible quality of care. Care providers also need to be valued by the society. One with difficulty examining the impact of child care quality is the issue of family selection factors. Families choose the child care which they use, and families with differing characteristics may choose different types and different quality of care. In particular, studies they have suggested that socio-economically advantaged families tend to choose higher quality care for their children. Therefore, it may not be possible to separate  completely the developmental effects of child care quality from the effects generated by family factors. While more recent studies have been adjusted statistically for these family selection factors, they may underestimate the effects for child care quality when the two are highly correlated. Being in child care, they cared for an adult who is not the parent, does not need to be associated with less–than–optimal development in young children. In fact, it may be associated with enhanced development or even be a compensatory factor. However, in order to enhance the development or serve a protective function, child care should be of sufficiently high quality.

  • Developmentally appropriate environments
  • Adult child ratios must be low
  • Information to parents

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