Family Health Nursing

Family healthcare nursing is an art and science which has been evolved last 20 years as a way of thinking and working with families. It is identified by health nursing needs of each family, to educate and guide family members, to cultivate health habits and they maintain physical, psychological, spiritual environment. It also saves the hospital beds that can be utilized for crucial cases. The four approaches which include the family health nursing care are family as context, client, system and component of society. Elements of family nursing processes are–assessment of client’s problems, the diagnosis of client responses that nurse can deal with the implementation of care, evaluation of success of implemented care. Family health nurses receive specialist education in order to help individuals and families cope with illness, chronic disability or times of stress. They spend their large part of time in working with patient homes and with patient families. Such nurse gives advice on lifestyle and behavioral risk factors, and assist families with health matters. Through prompt detection, which can ensure early treatment of families health problems? With their knowledge of public health and social issues and other social agencies, they can identify the effects of socioeconomic factors on families’ health and refer them to the appropriate agency. They can facilitate early discharge from hospital by providing nursing care at home, and they can act as the lynchpin between the family and family health physician, substituting for the physician when the identified needs are more relevant to the nursing expertise.

  • Develop self-care abilities
  • Optimal functioning for individual
  • Identify health and nursing needs and problems
  • Cultivate good personal health habits

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